Lecture 2-12 ntr sec2 - Reverse lipase and hydrolysis rxn...

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Lecture 2-12 Lipids Why they are important 1. Guidelines 2. Heart disease- 27% of all deaths Functions 1. Rich energy source 2. Structural components of cell membrane and organelles 3. Signaling molecules – cascade of events; HKA . 4. Vehicle for fat soluble vitamins 5. Mechanical: subcutaneous fat, regulates body temperature 6. Determine texture aroma 7. Creates satiety 3 Major classes 1. Triglycerides – 95% of diet fat 2. Phospholipids 3. Sterols – ex. Cholesterol 300 mg Chemical composition General Formula: CH 3 – (CH 2 ) n – COOH Omega – C alpha – C “alpha acid” (methyl) (Carboxyl) Saturated fatty acid (SFA) *Has no double bonds; saturated with hydrogens Monounsaturated fatty acid (MuFA) *One point of unsaturation; where is it? Count from x Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PuFA) *More than one unsaturated point Highly unsaturated fatty acid (HuFA) *Must have at least 20 carbons in chain Triglyceride Fatty acid Glycerol Fatty acid to make condensation rxn Fatty acid
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Unformatted text preview: Reverse lipase and hydrolysis rxn Dietary Fats Heterogeneous of SFA, HuFA, PuFA, MuFA *Tropical oils are high in saturated fats *Some saturated fats are not athronic (promote atherosclerosis) *Typical D.F. mixtures of fatty acids (Fig. 5-6) Omega – 3 F.A. – prevents blood clotting Mercury in fish Target population Peroxidation – destructioin in double bonds ex. Rancid Prevention: Storage- sealing product away from oxygen Refrigerate- slows down oxidation Antioxidants- ascorbic acid, chemicals added Hydrogenation- would make saturated PHVO (Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) –could contain ½ g trans fat. Trans Fats Hydrogens on opposite side of double bond EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) Linoleic C18:2 W-6 Linolenic C18:3 W- 3 Total Parenteral Nutrition Phospholipids Chlorine + phosphate group + glycerol + 2 fatty acids Sterols Cholesterol – 4 ring structure...
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Lecture 2-12 ntr sec2 - Reverse lipase and hydrolysis rxn...

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