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Lecture 2-21 grg sec2

Lecture 2-21 grg sec2 - Weather 2.21.2008 Precipitation...

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Weather 2.21.2008 Precipitation Formation and Types Precipitation Types Ice Pellets / Sleet – Cold weather phenomena small spherical to lumpy translucent to transparent ice particles that form when rain droplets freeze while falling through a fairly substantial layer of freezing air (ice pellet name used in aviation) Requires a deeper layer of cold air to freeze the rain before it hits an object unlike freezing rain that comes from a thin layer Snow – Cold weather phenomena - precipitation produced in supercooled THICK clouds where water vapor is deposited as ice crystals that remain frozen during their entire descent to the surface – DEPOSITION intensity gauged upon visibility - Hail – ALWAYS associated with a cumulonimbus cloud – always related to a thunderstorm; Precipitation produced in a large, convective cloud that takes the form as hard, rounded pellets or lumps of ice that are formed as strong updrafts and downdrafts transport an initial particle of hail repeatedly through the freezing layer
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