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Bio 311C Exam 3 Name__________________________________________ November 19, 2007 UT EID________________________________________ Multiple Choice (1-25; 2 pts each). Choose the one best answer and enter here and on your scan form. 1________The Miller-Urey experiment was significant because (A) it produced living cells from non- living material; (B) it produced cell-like aggregations under conditions of the early earth; (C) it produced polymers under conditions of the early earth; (D) it produced information molecules in the absence of enzymes; (E) it produced organic molecules in the absence of enzymes. 2________In the early evolution of cells, the change from chemical evolution to biological evolution could occur with the origin of what? (A) a simple metabolism and ATP production; (B) a simple molecule of heredity; (C) simple enzymes; (D) simple cell-like structures in water; (E) extensive weak bonding among macromolecules in water. 3_______The combination of Chargaff’s ratios and what data led Watson & Crick to propose the purine- pyrimidine base pairing in DNA structure? (A) anti-parallel arrangement of DNA strands; (B) X-ray crystallography image resembling that of a helix; (C) X-ray crystallography measures suggesting a uniform width; (D) presence of weak bonds based on DNA denaturation with heating; (E) fact that DNA contains thymine and not uracil. 4_______Within a single RNA nucleotide the phosphate is covalently bound to which carbon and the base to which carbon? (A) phosphate 5’ and base 1’; (B) phosphate 5’ and base 2’ (C) phosphate 5’ and base 3’; (D) base 5’ and phosphate 1’; (E) base 1’ and phosphate 3’. 5_______Hershey and Chase identified the genetic material by infecting bacteria cells with bacteriophage viruses that were labeled with which of the following? (A) heavy nitrogen because DNA contains nitrogen; (B) radioactive carbon because both DNA and protein contain carbon; (C) radioactive phosphorus because DNA contains phosphorus; (D) radioactive phosphorus and sulfur because DNA contains both phosphorus and sulfur; (E) radioactive sulfur because DNA contains sulfur. 6_______In determining which triplet codons code for which amino acids, researchers translated a lot of synthetic mRNAs in the test tube (no start codons) to see what the polypeptide product would be. One synthetic mRNA had a sequence of CACACACACA, etc. Look at the codon chart on p. 4 of this exam. Which of the following polypeptides was made from that synthetic mRNA? (A) his-his-his-his-, etc.; (B) his-thr-his-thr-his-, etc.; (C) pro-lys-pro-lys, etc.; (D) his-gly-his-gly-, etc.; (E) thr-thr-thr-thr-, etc. 7________A spliceosome must have components that do all of the following except which one? (A) recognize specific DNA sequences; (B) recognize specific RNA sequences; (C) cut bonds between
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Exam3nov19-1 - Bio 311C Exam 3 November 19, 2007 Name_ UT...

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