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Practice Exam for Bio 311C Exam 3 (items from fall 2006) 1_______The genetic code is considered “redundant” because (A) the same codon can specify multiple amino acids; (B) the same amino acid can be specified by multiple codons; (C) potentially either side of the DNA can be transcribed; (D) one strand of DNA can contain code for multiple proteins; (E) both the DNA and its mRNA contain the code for a certain protein. 2_______A certain eukaryotic gene product is 300 amino acids in length. About half of the gene consists of introns. An estimate of the DNA required to produce this protein (includes regions for control of gene expression) is closest to: (A) 300; (B) 900; (C) 1300; (D) 1700; (E) 2000. 3_______Transposons can contribute to repetitive DNA sequences in the genome by (A) unequal crossing over; (B) creating frameshift mutations; (C) inserting copied sequences; (D) adding multiple copies of a short sequence end to end; (E) inserting introns between exon regions. 4________Which of the following mutations of an important gene is most likely to be harmful to the organism? (A) deletion in site to add a poly-A tail; (B) deletion of 1 base within an intron; (C) error in mRNA splicing; (D) insertion of 1 base before codon 3 of DNA; (E) deletion of 1 base in DNA at the untranslated region. 5________One property of RNA polymerase that differs from DNA polymerase is that RNA polymerase (A) does not require a primer; (B) does not begin at a specific DNA sequence; (C) incorporates nucleotides into a single strand; (D) uses RNA helicase instead of DNA helicase; (E) reads the template DNA in a different direction. 6________Simply from looking at Franklin’s X-ray crystallography image of DNA immediately gave Watson and Crick which data? (used later in their model) (A) purine and pyrimidine bases were paired; (B) DNA was double-stranded; (C) DNA image resembled that of protein alpha helix; (D) DNA was a double helix; (E) DNA molecule varied in diameter along its length. 7________The human genome has a family of globin genes, including some expressed only during embryonic development. Which of these is the most likely mechanism by which the embryonic globin gene turns off at birth? (A) the embryonic globin gene is mutated; (B) the DNA bases in the embryonic globin gene are methylated; (C) the histone proteins in that region of the chromosome are acetylated; (D) the DNA in that region of the chromosome becomes unbound from the histone; (E) transcription initiation proteins for embryonic globin genes are missing. 8________A molecular biologist wishes to determine if certain earthworm muscle cells are expressing a
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practiceExam3 - Practice Exam for Bio 311C Exam 3 (items...

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