Chapter 2 - Self& Disclosure I nt roduction •...

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Unformatted text preview: Self & Disclosure I nt roduction • Understanding the SELF is the first step toward improving IPC & relational outcomes • SELF is an evolving combination of self-awareness, self-concept, & self- esteem Self Awareness • The ability to perceive yourself as distinct from the surrounding environment, & reflect your thoughts, feelings, & behaviors o Tapping yourself & being able to see how others see you Self Awareness Public Speaking Class o Coco the gorilla who took care of the kitten & was told his trainer he was sad with the kitten had died Critical Self-Reflection • What am I thinking & feeling? • Why am I thinking & feeling the way I am? • How am I communicating? • How are my thoughts & feelings influencing my communication? • How can I improve my thoughts, feelings, & communication? Self Concept • Your overall perception of who you are, based on the beliefs, attitudes, & values you have about yourself o How someone would describe you for a blind date Self Esteem...
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Chapter 2 - Self& Disclosure I nt roduction •...

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