Notes 5 - Civil Rights[1]

Notes 5 - Civil Rights[1] - Civil Rights Factions: "a...

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Civil Rights Factions: “a number of citizens (either a majority or minority) who are united or actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens.” – James Madison. He’s telling people that the way that the government is set up will protect people’s rights. - Two methods of curing the mischief of factions: o Remove its causes – get rid of individual liberty, or make everyone think the same. o Control its effects If a government is a loaded gun in a playground full of kids, civil rights are the safety mechanism. You can have democracy but not civil rights or checks and balances. Guarantees against someone using government to abuse you - To gain economic or political advantages over you - Things Government must provide Do people get their rights simply because they are in the Constitution? Are states beholden to these rights? The Missouri Compromise was created to balance out the slave states and free states so neither had more power. This starts falling apart later.
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Notes 5 - Civil Rights[1] - Civil Rights Factions: "a...

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