Chapter 3 - Government Chapter 3 Federalism States and...

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Government Chapter 3 Federalism: States and Nation 1. Federalism: a system in which significant governmental powers are divided between a central government and smaller units such as states 2. Confederation: A loose association of states or territorial divisions in which very little power is lodged in the central government (The UN and EU) 3. Unitary System: System in which a central government has complete power over its constituent units or states (Japan and France) a. Forty percent of the world’s population is governed by a Federalist system b. Federalism is found in nations that are large territorially, the different regions are distinctive from one another in terms of religion, ethnicity, language or economic activity 4. Federalism in the Constitution: a. States and the National government receive specific powers b. States are influential in shaping and choosing officials for the national government c. Supremacy Clause: Provision in Article VI of the Constitution that the Constitution itself and the laws and treaties of the US are the supreme law of the land and take precedence over state laws and constitutions d. Reservation Clause: The 10 th Amendment to the Constitution; reserving powers to the states or the people i. The Constitution specifically lists what the national government can do e. National Government: i. Levy taxes ii. Regulate interstate commerce
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Government Chapter 3 iii. Establish post offices iv. Declare War v. Create “necessary and proper” laws to carry out their powers f. Horizontal Federalism: Relationships among the states g. “Full Faith and Credit”: Private Contractual, financial agreements, and
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Chapter 3 - Government Chapter 3 Federalism States and...

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