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March 17, 2008 -Censorship and Propaganda In A Pluralist Society I. Introduction -People began to try and control what was in the mass media in order to teach people what they wanted taught. -Propaganda is a deliberate attempt to promote a certain message. -Byproduct of the media is that people may be inadvertently learning things that nobody intends. -Community groups sprang up attempting to control what people were seeing in the movies. -What power does government have to regulation television and motion pictures? -First Amendment : protects freedom of expression; “…freedom of speech or the press…” -cannot incite a riot -pornography is not protected -local censorship board: established in Chicago in 1907 II. Motion Pictures -Hays Office : -1934 came out with detailed code about what you could and couldn’t do in movies -ie: no animal sex organs, no human burp, no kissing more than eight seconds, etc. -studios could enforce the code because of the studio system
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