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ISS 315 Dr. Handrick 05 France READINGS: "Chapter 2: France" in Harrop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I. Government in France A. In the spring of 1940, France was overrun by the German blitzkrieg. Vichy collaboration and the Resistance. 1. Secret plan for the postwar Anglo-American occupation and administration of France. General de Gaulle learned of the plan, foiled it and never forgave his Allies. a) U.S. supplies equipment and transportation returning French troops to Indochina (Vietnam) b) Military independence: le force du frappe (French A-bomb). c) Withdrew from NATO command structure, which is Anglo dominated, in 1966. France developing an integrated force with Germany. 2. Post-war France has been characterized by a series of weak governments (parties in power) and Republics (governmental reorganizations) that shifted the distribution of power between elements of the government. a) Despite the weakness of the government, the state (the bureaucratic infrastructure) was strong. b) Plans developed by the Planning Commissariat set targets and goals for the economy and involved four linked and technical processes. (1) Study and forecasting (2) Concertation and co-ordination (3) Decision-making (4) Implementation c) The plans worked. In the 1950s the French economy grew 44% compared to 26% for the unplanned British economy. By 2000 the situation has been reversed. B. Policies are enacted by lois (laws), décrits (decrees) and arrêts (administrative rules). 90% of the projets de lois (bills) concern a department of government and are usually initiated by the department's ministers through the Prime Minister. 1. Lois , like basic laws in Japan, are voted by Parliament and in many cases give only a general framework and have to be complemented by décrits and arrêts (Ordinances in Japan, administrative rules in the U.S.) a) Lois only cover certain specified fields of policy: civil rights, criminal procedures, taxation, the electoral system, nationalization (the State buying out private industries such as steel or railroads) and privatization (the State selling nationally owned industries, such as BritRail or British Airways, to private owners), local authorities, education and property rights. b)
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France-Harrop - ISS 315 Dr. Handrick 05 France READINGS:...

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