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facets of globalization - Johad vs McWorld 1 Jihad A...

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Johad vs. McWorld 1. Jihad – A) Generically means a “struggle” and refers to the spiritual struggle of the soul to avert evil but entered the Western vocabulary as a “holy war”(e.g. the novel Dune ) B) Used rhetorically as "religious war" where the faith is under assault, applied to any perceived attack on traditional society and values. It has its Western counterpart in “Crusade” C) War is not as an instrument of policy but as an emblem of identity, an expression of community, an end in itself. 1) Collapse of civic (or inclusive) nationalism in the name of tribal or ethnic nationalism. (a) Offers a sense of identity, community and solidarity amongst kinsmen. (b) Solidarity often means fanaticism in beliefs and obliteration of individual selves in the name of the group. (c) Anti-politics of tribalization empowers individuals to rule on behalf of the people 2) Primordial Imperative: people without countries, inhabiting nations not their own, seeking worlds within to seal them from modernity. 3) Irredentist Movements (a) Ghost Dance – Wovoka, a Paiute medicine man, started a religious revival among the Plains Indians in the 1880s. If they returned to traditional values and danced the buffalo and the spirits of the ancestors would return and the White man would be driven out. Shirts worn in the dance would stop bullets. Gold Rush in 1870s brought settlers to the Lakota territory led to the Sioux and northern Cheyenne uprising marked by the Little Big Horn in 1880 and ended with the Massacre of Wounded Knee in 1890. (b) Rebellion in Chiapas was no declaration of ethnic warfare as was the case with the Serbs in Bosnia or the Shining Path in Peru. In fact, June Nash feels it is a true multicultural movement including Tzotziles (300k), Choles (120k), Zoques (90k), and Tojobales (70k) and landless mestizos. The name of the movement invoked Zapata whose rebellion won land reform and Article 27. 2. McWorld is driven by economic and ecological forces that demand inter-dependence, integration and uniformity tied together by technology: ecology, communication and commerce.
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facets of globalization - Johad vs McWorld 1 Jihad A...

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