KEY TERMS - ISS 315 Quiz 2 Key Term List Social Darwinism-...

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ISS 315 Quiz 2 Key Term List Social Darwinism- Herbert Spencer: biology determines cultural ability. Malthus and Manchester: racial fitness, population and food provided scientific basis for non- intervention in the Irish potato famine. UK: “black” and white- Blacks in UK refers to “non white” France: brotherhood, equality and freedom- dominant ideology based on French revolution. It is hard to acknowledge that discrimination exists. No racial or ethnic data are maintained. Japan: Burakumen- Burakumen originated under the strict status (caste) system erected by the Tokugawa rulers (1600-1868) below the four classes (samurai, peasant, artisan and merchant), ‘unclean’ and dangerous to approach. Feudal system no longer exists but discrimination still exists. Immigration policy (UK, France, Japan) :
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Assimilation : Immigrants either take on characteristics of the majority until they no longer form a distinct minority or the whole society comes to be regarded as a ‘melting pot’ Limitation: L Burkamin they are invisible but remain separate B Individual in a free society may mix and move as they please limiting government interventions. p People may be avoiding to shed their ethnic identities. Voting Rights Act : : Signed by President Johnson gave the federal government to protect the voting UK FRANCE JAPAN 1. Commonwealth Immigartion Act passport holder had to be born and have
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KEY TERMS - ISS 315 Quiz 2 Key Term List Social Darwinism-...

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