ISS Lecture note 9-25 - Social Darwinism Herber spencer...

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Social Darwinism Herber spencer- biology determines cultural ability. Biological component that shapes the cultural behavior. Malthus and Manchester School theory of racial fitness, competition, population and food provided the scientific basis for non-intervention in the Irish potato famine. Anglo- Canadians shared the view that Anglo- Saxon people, British principles of governance: apogee of biological and social evolution. o British Empire dominated the world, lesser races that inhabited it. Justification for colonialism o Ethnicity, race and gender conflicts “vertical mosaic ranging from preferred to “non-preferred” Early Blacks in Britain Black African served in the Roman regions in 250 AD Voyages of exploration brought Blacks to England as curiosities, servants, then slaves. o 1562 first slaves to the Caribbean and American colonies. African “Americas” arrived in 1782 o British promised freedom to any Blacks who would fight for the British cause in the American Revolution. o With the British defeat at Yorktown, many Blacks were cruelly treated if captured by Americans. Others fled to New York and from there to Nova Scotia and England. Abolition of Slavery o 1807 Banned the slave trade o 1833 Banned slavery throughout the Empire o 1860/1865 Supplied the confederate States of America with material to keep the Civil war going in exchange for Southern cotton produced by slaves. 1936 Battle of Cable Street Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascist=sympathetic to Hitler and anti-Semitic. He blamed the Jews for Britain’s econ prob. and of plot to dominate the world under “protocols of Zion” He called for expulsion of Blacks, Jews, Chinese and Irish. His “Blackshirts” planned to parade through the East end were 58% of
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ISS Lecture note 9-25 - Social Darwinism Herber spencer...

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