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PSCI Exam Review 2 - American Political System nd Study...

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American Political System Study Questions for 2 nd Exam 1) What is plagiarism? a. Copying information word-for-word or close to it. 2) What do legislatures do in our system and how important are they? a. They run the government. They are very important as they do the jobs that the President can’t do and give the people a say in politics. (committees and subcommittees) 3) Where does this power come from (precisely)? a. The Constitution because of the framers. Article 1 because of the framers. 4) Length of legislative terms for senators and representatives (how these correspond to the purpose of those bodies). a. Senators get a long 6 year term because they represent an entire state and are “better behaved.” They do not connect with the people as much as members of the House. (trustees) b. Members of the House have a short 2 year term because they represent only a small part of a state and are connected with their district. (delegates) 5) Trustee vs. delegate representative a. Trustee: Do what you think is best, based on the information you have. They are the senate. b. Delegate: Do exactly what we tell you to do! The house 6) How does a bill become a law (step by step; the easy version)? a. Bill is introduced b. Committee and subcommittee consider bill c. House and Senate consider bill and vote d. Conference committee resolves any differences e. Bill passes in both houses f. President signs or vetoes bill 7) How does Congress control the president and judiciary? a. Congress controls the right to declare war, the purse strings, and it can pas laws limiting the ability to engage in conflict. 8) Difference b/t who House members and Senators represent (constituency size and makeup) a. Senate – Serve 6 yrs., represent an entire state, one of two people in each state (100 total) b. House – Elected by the people, 2 yr. term, represent small part of a state (districts drawn by population), 435 people in House. 9) Where does the office of the President get its powers from? a. Article II of the Constitution gives the President enumerated powers., and from the media because they see him as the chief policy maker. 10) Main function of President early on? Has this changed over time? How? a. In the beginning the constitution had limited powers for the president except for enumerated powers and as time went on the president gained powers (FDR the depression) 11) How can someone who simply executes Congress’s laws (like the president) come to have so much power over Congress over time? a. Presidents often are responsible for leadership in setting the policy agenda for Congress. b. The President represents the whole country so what he believes Congress should be doing is more important than what the legislators think ( state of the union). 12) Leader of the party, why is this important?
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PSCI Exam Review 2 - American Political System nd Study...

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