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German 506 First Semester German---Spring 2008 Welcome to German 506! German 506 is a first semester course for students with a) no prior knowledge of German, or b) no more than one year of high school German, or c) authorization from the German Department based on your UT German Placement Test performance. See your instructor if you are in this course for any other reason. In this course you will begin to learn how to read, listen, write and speak German. You will learn to use German to ask and answer questions; name and describe persons, things, places, and events; deal with a variety of situations; narrate orally and in writing; write letters and postcards; fill out forms; and comprehend a variety of texts. You will also expand your knowledge of the cultures of the German-speaking countries. We hope you will be willing to contribute to the class discussions what you already know. German 506 is a five-credit course that meets for five hours Mondays - Thursdays. How much time you should spend studying outside of class depends on a number of individual factors such as your linguistic aptitude, self-discipline, your desire to learn a foreign language, etc. You should, on average, plan to spend at least 1-2 hours each day studying German: completing written homework, reviewing, reading, and building your vocabulary. Your instructor can offer some tips on how to study effectively. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Required texts: Deutsch - Na Klar! (4 th Edition) Di Donato, Clyde & Vansant. 2004. textbook packet (includes workbook, lab manual and a CD-Rom) the listening activities to the Laboratory Manual can be found at: off-campus access: password vansant , username gr-0-05 _________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Grading All German 506 students are evaluated according to the same criteria: A. 4 chapter exams = 40% B. 1 o ral exams = 5% The oral exam is worth 5% of your grade and will be administered during week 14. The best preparation for this test is regular and active participation in class. The more you participate in class, the better and more fluently you will speak. C. Brief Quizzes = 20% These quizzes are given in class and can be announced or unannounced. D. Class participation and homework = 25% This grade includes participation and attendance (10%), hand-in homework, assignments from the textbook, workbook, lab manual, etc. (15%). E. Essays = 10%. There will be four writing assignments of increasing length throughout the semester. Each will build on the previous assignment; use the feedback you get on previous assignments when you write the new ones. Type and print out the essays for your instructor (size 12 font). No late assignments will be accepted. We do not expect perfect essays, since you are still learning . You MUST turn in your own work. Online translators come up with bizarre translations of idiomatic expressions, and you will earn a grade of zero
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This note was uploaded on 03/19/2008 for the course GER 506 taught by Professor Weilbacher during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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syllabus ger 506 - German 506 First Semester German-Spring...

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