log 5 - should see high returns now that their computers...

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Addison Villanueba Student ID #810-69-7903 Recitation #203 Dell to Sell PC’s Through China Retail Titan Dell is announcing a deal to sell its personal computers through China’s largest electronics retailer, Gome LTD. Gomes retail network in China is close to 1,000 stores in over 168 cities throughout the country. Dell’s share among U.S. consumers is, large, but the companies overseas shares is relatively small compared to competitor Hewlett-Packard CO. the leader in personal computer sales. Dell has such a small share in overseas shares because of its weak retail market. Dell has relied on internet sales or over the phone, missing out on consumers who do not have internet in these underdeveloped nations. The personal computer market in China is expected to grow 25% in the next three to five years meaning Dell
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Unformatted text preview: should see high returns now that their computers will be found in retail giant Gome. Dell is attempting not to be just a major player in personal computers in the U.S. but a worldwide giant to be reckoned with. They have long relied on internet and telephone sales to get their personal computers out, leaving the retail market almost untouched. With this deal Dell will be killing two birds with one stone by expanding the company globally and entering the market of retail. Dell will increase sales tremendously now that they have made their product enter a whole other market within the personal computer industry. This is smart business by expanding globally and in the marketing perspective. Lawton, Christopher. (2007, September 23). Dell to Sell PCs Through China Retail Titan. The Wall Street Journal pp. A4...
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log 5 - should see high returns now that their computers...

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