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306K_assignment csd - CSD 306K Spring 2008 Introduction to...

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CSD 306K – Spring 2008 Introduction to Communication Disorders Clinical Activity All students enrolled in 306K are required to participate in one clinical activity. The purpose of the assignment is to give you an opportunity to experience what speech language-pathologists and audiologists do, and to integrate what you observed with the content covered in class. You have two options for fulfilling this clinical activity assignment: Screening is the preferable option because you will learn more about the nature of the profession. 1. Participation in a speech and hearing screening. 2. Collect and analyze a speech and language sample from a child. If you select the screening, you are responsible for turning in a brief report summarizing the experience. The summary is due the Friday of THE WEEK FOLLOWING the experience. Five points will be deducted for every week the report is late. WHERE TO TURN IN PAPERS: Papers should be placed in the envelope marked "306K Screenings" located in the tray on the wall to the right of CMA 2.212*. Graded papers will be available for pick-up in the top tray outside of CMA 2.212 within two weeks. It is your responsibility to turn in and pick up your own paper in the designated areas. DO NOT give your paper to Dr. Marquardt or the TA. *CMA 2.212 is located inside the UT Speech and Hearing Clinic (where you went for your evaluation). Go inside the clinic and walk down the hallway on the right. CMA 2.212 is the third office on the right. Look to the right of the door and you will see the tray for “306K Screenings.” If you decide to do the speech and language sample, you must turn it in by Thursday, December 6, 2007. Speech and language samples will not be accepted after that time. Speech and Hearing Screenings For this activity, you will have your speech, language, and hearing screened by a graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Process:
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* A sign up sheet will be circulated in class and posted on the wall outside the door to the TA’s office. You must sign up within the first three weeks of class for a slot that fits your schedule. * The graduate student performing the screening will call you the night before to confirm the date and time of your screening. * When you arrive at the UTSHC, wait in the lobby. Your clinician will meet you there. * Screenings will include: hearing screening, articulation testing, extensive oral mechanism examination, and informal evaluation of language, voice, and fluency. Screenings will take place by appointment. Each appointment will last approximately 25- 30 minutes. When you sign up for an appointment be sure to include your phone number so that we can reach you to cancel or reschedule if necessary. Write your appointment on your calendar: "No shows" are severely frowned upon as they cost the graduate students precious hours of clinical practice. If you must cancel, call 471-3841 and specify that you are canceling a 306K screening. Do not call Dr. Marquardt or the TA to cancel.
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306K_assignment csd - CSD 306K Spring 2008 Introduction to...

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