BT1.5 - You passed all of the 1 mandatory criteria, all of...

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You passed all of the 1 mandatory criteria, all of the 4 mandatory questions, and 5 of the 5 optional questions. You were required to pass 4 optional components. Mandatory Criteria The student successfully handed in files. These files came from a BT_15_MMDD subfolder inside the cse101 folder in the student's LON-CAPA portfolio. Pass CSE 101 Bridge Task Proctoring Rules The BT proctor has the following roles during a BT: To verify, from a photo ID, the identity of each student wanting to take a BT. To authenticate each student's on-line BT. To maintain security during the BT (prevent talking, disruptions, or other students from using the lab.) To try to solve computer hardware or network problems that are not part of the BT content and to report such problems that cannot be quickly solved to the Course Instructors. The proctor is prohibited from: Answering content questions about the problems in or the software used on the BT. Interpreting the meaning or intent of any of the BT questions. Giving alternative questions or instructions other than those that are on this BT. Handing in files for a student. Promising how a reported problem will be handled by the Instructors. Please do not ask your proctor for any help other than with computer hardware or network problems. If you have questions about the meaning or intent of the BT, re- read the BT very carefully . The instructors and head graders will not accept appeals of BT outcomes because of claims that the proctor told me to do it that way. However, please DO report hardware and network problems to your proctor. No remedy will be offered to students who wait until AFTER a BT is over before reporting such problems. If you are having problems with applications freezing as you navigate down the AFS tree , remember that you have several methods to get to a directory without visiting each folder in the directory's path. Some alternative methods are:
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Entering a path in the Start -> Run. .. box Typing a path in the filename box of a Save As or Open. . dialog box. Bridge Task Strategies Many times students fail bridge tasks, not because they do not understand how to do the tasks, but because they do not carefully read the bridge task. Be sure that you take the time to read the instructions carefully and to double-check your work when you are through . Remember to SAVE EARLY, SAVE OFTEN!!! This way you are unlikely to lose much of your work in the event that your computer freezes or the network crashes. If a question does not specify a new file, continue making changes to the file you used in the previous question. When you are done with each question, SAVE YOUR WORK!!! We encourage you to hand in your files even if you are unable to complete all questions. This will allow you to receive feedback on the parts of the BT that you ARE able to complete. This information will help you better prepare for the catch-up BT. Many times students fail a BT a second time because they do not hand in the files
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BT1.5 - You passed all of the 1 mandatory criteria, all of...

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