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geoscience quiz questions - Rikki Appleman Geosciences 010...

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Rikki Appleman Geosciences 010 extra credit Quiz Questions Unit 1 1. What is science? A) A magic bullet to the ultimate truth B) Tells us what we should do and why we’re here C) The most successful way humans have developed to learn how things work, and to use that knowledge to do and predict things D) It makes our lives more difficult C is correct. This can be found in the text reading. Science is humans keeping track of what works, and what doesn’t, and trying not to fool themselves in the process. Science makes us a lot healthier and more comfortable while we try to figure those important things out. 2. True/False Question: Most geologists find valuable things in the Earth. True. The answer to this question can be seen in the text reading. Most geologists are involved in 1 of 4 areas. Most geologists find valuable things in the Earth such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc. The other 3 areas are warning of geological hazards, building an operator’s manual for the Earth, and informing/entertaining. 3. True/False Question: Protons have no charge. It is neutral. False. Protons have a positive charge. Electrons have an equal-but-opposite negative charge. Neutrons are uncharged or neutral. 4. What generation solar system do we live in? A) 1 st B) 2 nd C) 3 rd D) 4 th B is correct. We live in a 2 nd generation solar system because the plants and sun contain abundant chemicals such as iron that were 1 st formed during the death of older stars. 5. Where does the crust float? A) Core B) Asthenosphere C) Litosphere D) Mantle
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D is correct. The crust floats on the mantle. The lithosphere tends to break rather than flow. The asthenosphere tends to flow rather than break. The lithosphere includes the crust and upper mantle, whereas the asthenosphere includes a deeper, warmer layer in the mantle. The core has a solid inner ball wrapped in a liquid outer layer. Unit 3
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geoscience quiz questions - Rikki Appleman Geosciences 010...

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