english one more chance

english one more chance - M Park My mother warned me She...

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M. Park My mother warned me. She warned me not to do it. She warned me that it wouldn’t be good for me. And yet I did it. It was early in the morning and everyone was asleep, except for me. I did what I do best; wander around the house hunting for food. I headed down into the kitchen, searching for food with my big eyes. I always thought that people with big eyes could see more than people with smaller eyes, like my sister. I tried to open the fridge, but I couldn’t open it. The door won’t move. I gave all my strength to open it, but I couldn’t. After all, I was only three years old. I’m short and weak. I’m a girl with hair that comes down to my chin with a moon-shaped face. I gave up after trying several times to open the door. After using up all my energy on the refrigerator, I was already exhausted. My stomach started to growl and my mouth started to get dry. I was in need of food. “Where can I get food?” I started to ask myself over and over, while looking around the kitchen. I was thinking of places around the house, except the kitchen, where the food was. Suddenly, I remembered one place, one room, where there is an abundance of refreshments. My body started to walk back up the stairs and stopped right in front of the closed door. My mom admonished me not to enter that room because that’s my dad’s home office. But I couldn’t control myself. My hands started to go up and reach for the doorknob. I tried to refrain myself from opening the door. I really tried, but my insatiable desire couldn’t wait any longer. I eagerly opened the door, but then the door started to make loud noises. I looked to my side and waited to hear if my parents or my sister had woken up. The coast was clear. Everyone was still asleep and I went back to my business. My eyes peeked into the room, incase my dad was in the room. The room was empty. I tiptoed in and closed the door gently and quietly behind me. I started searching for the bottles. There were a bunch of bottles on the very top shelf to my right, but the shelf was too high for me to reach the bottles. I looked around the room and found a chair on my left
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M. Park that was sitting next to a desk stacked with papers and files. I grabbed the chair and moved it right next to the shelf. I crawled up the chair and with my short arms, I tried to reach the bottle, but then I couldn’t. My hand could only reach up to fourth shelf. So then, I got off the chair and pushed it off to the side. There was nothing else that I could use except my dad’s desk, but that would be too heavy for me to move. Only one idea came into my mind. I had to climb up the shelves. Climbing up the shelves made me feel like George, from ‘George of the Jungle,’ as if I were some type of jungle boy. At last, my hands reached the top of the shelf. One of my hands was crawling on the shelf, trying to find a bottle. As a few seconds passed by, I couldn’t hold myself that longer and my arms were starting to shake. I felt like I could fall off any second. Then my fingers felt an object. I
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english one more chance - M Park My mother warned me She...

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