FSC211 - Homework 1 (Final)

FSC211 - Homework 1 (Final) - 1 Part I 2 1999 CDC Estimate...

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1. Part I 2. 1999 CDC Estimate: 76 million Americans are affected by food borne illness each year 3. Current Yearly Data': Food borne illness causes 325,000 hospital visits a year and 5,000 deaths. 4. SOURCE: http://www.cdc.gov/foodnet/QA_2007_MMWR.html) 5. 6. The estimate is based on population surveys of lab-confirmed outbreaks occurring in the sample year. Lab data is compaired to base line statistics from the years 1996-1998. 1996 was the first year the current system was active. The formula also takes into account current Census Bureau population estimates. Most diseases are showing negative trends based on previous data. 7. The simple reason that this method is nessicery is that the majority of food borne illness infections, especialling those of the acute nature, are unreported. Monitoring has made progress in the ten years that the current reporting system has been in place. In the first year of the system data was only available for aproximately 14.2 million people (5% of the population).
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FSC211 - Homework 1 (Final) - 1 Part I 2 1999 CDC Estimate...

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