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Lecture 8 ANNOUNCEMENTS A summary of frequently misunderstood/missed concepts is now posted on the class website, and will be updated regularly. Graded HW assignments can be picked up in lab (353 Cory). OUTLINE Æ Please indicate your lab section on your HW assignments! BJT Amplifiers (cont’d) Common emitter topology CE stage with emitter degeneration Impact of Early effect ( r o ) EE105 Fall 2007 Lecture 8, Slide 1 Prof. Liu, UC Berkeley Reading: Finish Chapter 5.3.1
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Emitter Degeneration By inserting a resistor in series with the emitter, we “degenerate” the CE stage. This topology will decrease the gain of the amplifier but improve other aspects, such as linearity, and input d impedance. EE105 Fall 2007 Lecture 8, Slide 2 Prof. Liu, UC Berkeley
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