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Midland College Syllabus ENGL 2327 (online) American Literature to 1860 COURSE DESCRIPTION A course designed to acquaint the student with the varied works of American literature from the colonial period through 1860 within the historical and multicultural influences that shaped those works. Students will discuss, research, and write about literature from the period. Course assignments will include a minimum of 6000 words of writing. Prerequisite-- A student must have attained official college readiness in writing and must have passed ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302—or their equivalents. (NOTE: An exception may be granted by instructor for students attending a college that does not require ENGL 1302.) Moreover, it is assumed that the student has already achieved a high degree of competence in grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing style, and organization. Severe writing deficiencies must be remedied through work in the writing lab, or the student will fail. Informal e-mails should be checked for grammar and spelling. TEXTS, REFERENCES, AND SUPPLIES Cushman, Stephen, and Paul Newlin. Nation of Letters: A Concise Anthology of American Literature . St. James, N.Y.: Brandywine, 1998. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to 1. Identify and discuss writers and ideas essential to the literature of America from the Colonial Period through 1860. 2.Identify significant literary works from this time period. 3.Discuss trends and movements that distinguish different literary periods. 4.Critically discuss influence of the literature during the time period and today. 5.Write a well-organized, fully documented paper analyzing a literary/artistic work or explaining an intellectual/literary issue. 6. Enhanced their analytical and research skills through class discussions and writing. 7. Use a word processor to create essays done according to MLA style (with proper margins and font, properly creating header with page number, heading, double-spacing, word wrap, indentations, centering of titles, page break and hanging indent for Works Cited). 8. Navigate the internet effectively and Use e-mail for clear communication. (internet course) 9. Submit course work electronically as required. (internet course)
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