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Marketing Channels
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12 - 2 1. Understand the marketplace and customer needs & wants 2. Design a customer-driven marketing strategy 5. Capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity 3. Construct a marketing program that delivers superior value 4. Build profitable relationships and create customer satisf. Capture value from customers in return Create value for customers and build customer relationships Product (service) design: build strong brands Pricing: creating real value Place (Distribution): manage supply chain Promotion: communicate the value proposition Research consumers and the marketplace Manage marketing information and customer data Select customers to serve: market segmentation and targeting Decide on a value proposition: differentiation and positioning Where are we? Chapter 12
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12 - 3 The third P: Place Place, or distribution: where to sell & how to get it there Just like the other Ps, place (channel selection) is a way to implement your STP strategy
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12 - 4 The third P: Place Value delivery network (supply chain): company & its partners Upstream suppliers of materials, expertise, info, $$ Downstream marketing channel: marketing intermediaries are companies that promote, sell and/or distribute goods to final buyers e.g. advertisers, distributors, retailers
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