FILM150 - LCC - CityofGod, Forgotten Ones Paper

FILM150 - LCC - CityofGod, Forgotten Ones Paper - `City of...

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‘City of God’ and ‘The Forgotten Ones’ : A Comparative Analysis Seemingly, much has changed in the past fifty years. The world has gone through numerous revolutions; technologically, politically, and economically. It is difficult to imagine that the world today is anything like that of the 1950’s. Thankfully we have things such as film, music, and art to remind us that although the world we see in the black and white newsreels seems unimaginably different than our own, underlying all this upheaval, the human experience remains unchanged. For better or worse, we share the same strengths and frailties. Two films that emphasis this point better than most are Luis Buñuel’s ‘Los Olvidado’ (or ‘The Forgoten Ones’ ) and ‘ Cidade de Deus’ (or ‘The City of God’ ) by filmmakers Kátia Lund and Fernando Meirelles. Each film offers a unique perspective into the lives of poor youth in the urban slums of Latin America. ‘The Forgotten Ones’ was the first film to garner major attention by highlighting the problem. The 1950 film was written and produced by Bunuel while he lived in the Mexico City slums he sought to portray in 1949. City of God was produced in 2002 and set in a notorious slum of Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. Based on a book of the same name by a local author the filmmakers devoted a tremendous amount of time to immersing themselves in culture of while casting from the local people to fill nearly every role in the film. This is interesting because fifty years earlier Bunuel did the same thing. Despite the fact that both productions utilized amateur actor from the area, the acting style in the films do differ significantly. This difference has to do with a very interesting choice the makers of ‘City of God’ made. While Bunuel, had a well defined script that he had to teach his new actors, Lund and Meirelles, often had their actor rehearse through improve. They asked the young actors to improvise out the scene of a
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FILM150 - LCC - CityofGod, Forgotten Ones Paper - `City of...

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