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FILM150 - LCC - Terrorism Paper - 1 The history of the...

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1 The history of the region known as Israel dates back nearly to the dawn of human history. The land, has a rich, deep, and often brutal history. Over the course of this progression the small strip of land between the Sea of Galie and the Mediterranean Sea has become deeply engrained in three distinct and powerful religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. One can not hope to understand the history of this piece of land without knowledge of the three groups that have spilled untold gallons of blood over it. Judaism is generally accepted as the first of the great monotheistic religions 1 , professing belief in one all powerful God as opposed to the early pagan traditions that worshiped numerous gods. The Jewish people trace their roots back to simple man named Abraham. According to Jewish history Abraham was an old man who wished for children despite the fact his wife was well past child-bearing age. A singular all- powerful God appeared to Abraham and told him that he would be lead to “the land I will show you 2 ” and his wife conceive and his descendents would form a great nation and be God’s chosen people. Abraham’s grandson Jacob took the name Israel and from his twelve sons rose the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribes of Israel fought numerous wars and regional disputes over the land of Canaan, which they believed to be the land promised them by God. In the fourteenth century BC the land of Canaan and its inhabitants came under attack from the powerful Egyptian nation of the west. After succumbing to the powerful Egyptians the Israelites were taken as slaves to Egypt. According to the biblical account of the book of Exodus, the Israelites were miraculously led out of Egypt by Moses. After the trials of wandering the dessert for forty years the Israelites eventually reached Canaan and sought to build the nation they felt they were destined by God to build. Unfortunately for the Jews this would not be the last time there self-determination and rule of the land would be challenged. Over the course of the next centuries the land would be conquered and occupied by a number of outside forces including Assyrians, Babylonians, Hasmonean Kingdom, and eventually the Romans. These centuries of occupation and exile spred the Jewish people all over the known world and into foreign cultures that ranged from hostile to downright brutal. It is during the period of Roman occupation that the second of our three major players emerges and finds a stake in the Jewish Holy Land. Christianity grew from a small sect of Jewish followers of a man known as Jesus into a force that would dictate much of Western history for the next several millennia. Jesus, the son of a Jewish carpenter in the line of David (a mighty king of ancient Juda), proclaimed himself to be the one true son of God and fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy of the coming of God. Jesus and his followers, known as the twelve disciples, traveled the Jewish provinces, including Jerusalem, preaching “the way, the truth, and the life
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FILM150 - LCC - Terrorism Paper - 1 The history of the...

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