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Unformatted text preview: WNW—n ITO— AN‘SwefiS J. ngT .2 fluww Maegan/ID G) A - )A “Nut—Mao GRAPH WITH n vea‘T.ge§ Wm: AT LcaoT n_\ 6.06;: (61 TH. ||.D.I)l 9} A GRAPH wu'rl "I Jek‘rlcas «Inocn «5 NoT CauNcLTtg HA5 A- MA'KgMun/y at: (0—!) QOGQS n J. . " A GRAPH con-msT-NG 0F Hn_| Amp mu béoLtho vcflTgx HA6 n V¢AT¢C¢5 -I ANO (at) 006:5) AHO -l — . (“a J+\ coG¢$ Mufil 30. (auNecho: 4‘) .‘r was AT M057 A GRAPH wfi’w 0 veATIcns n~l> ar— H“ “*0 1* “Ma’oNcN‘r onn m \chT?(¢.5 «Huh; m<nl Thu: (1‘) +01“) (1': )~r ("15" ) a (":1 @ no (Lu5c0 EuLQR-au ‘TRML’. n ) H4— Hns A HAMtLTou um: 64'? HA5 'veRTtCe.$ a: 000 DCG‘RQQJ o LLaéco EJLQQHMA TAR”. S.~L£_ :7 A HflMuLT'oN CYLLt. ,— V‘ II— Hns M AND \l.‘l_\‘14—\13vn t5 J V3 '1 o EuLLRIan TRAN. fiuT No H’A’N’SLTON DICLL" a) A“ TAMI. 5mm... (Vgfl'l VLR‘RX H KAA- was A- (“59. .r HA5 n cLoéco EuLE—R. As we» oeeaee.) HAMCLTAN LYLLL space, (A \ : Q i: 4 3 \BL BuT u‘ Has No ___. _#WM——~ @ , TH; HHouAGLAéS” G-AnPH G HA1: A cLoseo EuLeknflu TAAxL 1mm, BuT lT 006.6 NuT’ Have. A HAMIL‘ON C‘tCLQ evea‘l ‘veRTcx HA6 eve/u oeGAacl "NY C‘ICLe. STARTING- AT V HA—zs LeNGTn 3. M @m LQT‘ (6.5,454,3;‘1‘) 50, 111g ogeflet OaduevuLe, DP A- GRAPH; A GRAPH gut'T'H oaeflu. Setuuucz ”'— WL DauzTe, T‘fl— VcRTcK a: 09.ka 6, via 6:5“ i-NLL ”rm-e. VeRTzX «F OiGRLL+ WOuLD (+,$,3,Alo,c); A~¢> Thus 6 .mrassng, finve, To Be. 2X0n4eo To A- 0“l 0": Tru— VtKT'xCLs 0F- DQGQLe. 0' #3) s ‘ b , 4.. G G M: NoT comma—u: Hz?— Tame, ~s A SuBS-LT X7¢ E wmcuum Xeu 4M0 ifu' \J o=\l uni—H did) U¢VJ Ana .g NoT CcNNtcTcD) A-No LLT 6. 89. A (ONNECYQD CoeraNeNT 0F 6. RND UrfiVJ' no .: xeu mm YéuJ Tue,“ PF :3 5a??u$e, G‘ .5 A MAXIMAL canlwecTao LF U:‘\/ (6\)) THC'N Uifd 16 u (BtCAusa G; SHBGAAFPI OF G), PAOVPQRTY) A'NO LLT A PATH: VQV‘VA...VQ AI”. AOIArcvdT “”7" X1 4‘ E 51~L¢ oTfiuiwwse. cfloln X. To‘/ A juefig‘r u. ex.5t‘s wnTH Tans J x 60 A~9 if q. I“: Tau“. Nuke. \l‘ ’ r."— LAsT VeJRTeK W Ll, TM“ ”VI“ ‘59 TH»: Csnlca A CONTRADICTION. M X To \/ 5a 6' v5 NoT C'oNNQngo. LeT VI 3*— Vfieu. N‘O \l'un¢ U; .5 No PATH FAo Tchcrom. Tan 2, l MIN/H l4: AN'fithS _'TesT 9‘ Remcw Pfioemms J <9 Gn HA5 A veRTuceo m: OCGRee n_.1 nuo 0-4 ugh'fitts a: beekee n_\ ._______.___,_. t: n .5 000 OR 0:4- «no; ) so 6n HA: mu oPtN Euumm TemL Gr\ HA6 exAcTc¢ A weATHCQs 5F 600 DeGRgt , m BoTH (A626 G rs CoNMecTQO ANO uuzv 206:. or G u A Whose @ "3 G \s A race, \ch .5 AN «Lose. or“- 6 IF UV Pr- ::> SWPf’gse, Gr us A haze.) 50 G ‘5 CONNecT’eo‘ 5., Tau/kc. vs A «man .5 NOT A Be’hoec, ) THcN 6' -un) .15 LaNNgcTcO ) pnTH FAeM u To U ‘N (5-...“1. -~6e.a‘r.~c., u\l .NTo ‘Tr-ns 9n‘rn ewe-.5 A L‘HLC'; ”No TH.5 (““11”).ch THAT 6 \+l\-$ No (10.9. THcAcvter. 2.4 a jqu‘uéc, 6 l9 LathccTLO) G CONTA‘Nd A C~ICL© 4° Tn‘AL fifig ugAT-Ce. T‘mgab so RePLACING- UN 2x1 :06; af- 6 is A 64-06:" A~D evckY C—OGb U J. VJ. Ill Va Vu ) a x,~/e 6..U\I “F“ n A waLK FR 5‘, UV. n-IVnV OF”— G was A ISA-06L. n: .5 no“? ComNtcTe—o) D 3‘] A .NRLK “4 G..u~l, Sudbc. °M X T'AY NOT Iowa .NcLuoe 0") x To ‘1 N G-uv, AND THLRQFoRL v3 A- TAE‘L: A umau e. PATH. 6) ~ " VcaTtCes vs CoNNccTeo 5‘! R 0F «19319.5 m <0NN¢¢T¢D BY A uNng¢ PRTH») Supra”. bit“? P?" Q, UV‘|t|vanJ Pl: ¢———— .— THLN G M: gaNNacTcou 'F G C°NTMN6 A (”LL Tm»: Tncflc. AA; J PATH‘: UN ,qno U"~-""r~" “N“‘cT‘NG-V U A~° U) 5o 6- Hl’r6 No cchcs AND “[email protected] ‘5 A TALL » \j a; Vu‘iTtLe.) CF 6‘. ___—) Lcr 6’ 6:. H TAQL , AND LcT U fiNO J sacuLL G \9 CamNecTuD) Tue—At v) A 9*T“ (“NNQCT|N6 U AN° ’ P. Ano PR FAQ!“ U re \I’ L53— X the“ Tnfic’ .msr b fine. 3. PA-Ti-hé xF TWLA A eager. aPfiaT TAKING; Pl :fioM X 70‘] Ma Pa. K BePaflc P. :0»! SACK ToécTweA‘ ngT \IcflTe 010163 01 9,; FROM ‘1 To K GNV’ A CY‘LS ' (.T THAT 6 HA: No CYCucs, (au‘TAAD.cT5 T- {dafi‘l PIMP. a: WHtCH fiiLRLgcRC— T'H‘QL ‘6 DLfiT—INLT VeaTsCzs‘ Hkve, Desau. itauQNLe. (5.3.5J5,%,l,(.‘.\)j 6L 5 LaA-ve; @ No TREE. CM“ 5 J TneJke, Wanna H-Auz To S.:~I(o__ THaae, to A \IePsTax OF 00450.22 (69 #61 IN CPL”), 6 av Dammue AN @065 BQT‘NEU“ '1 Peo?Le. ”7‘: Tau «New ekclfi «:74ch I & FwRM A GaM'H ‘g: Twang, v.3 N o Gfioui’ 0F 3 PeoPLe, w.TH 'Ti‘kE. Pfloé’eATy “‘UiT NONl 0F T“"'~M KNOW) eAcH o‘ruefi ; THcN ck (6) f 3‘ :0 XCG) 2 (if) > [73“ _ q . oz 6 * I ' ' 5mm, 1(6) f A*\ , A 26 J" “Ne" ““50“ KNow: AT Lemar 6 oTHeRS ”M 3 AT Lefl‘brflrés oT‘nLRS N9 PgRSoN KNuN at P. AND THQ Paof‘Lt P. Knows) ‘6“. 5WFPOD¢ LLT Pu so \G.\€ 6. Tnc PeoPLQ. PA “Haw-1) 3.NCe_ Tactic, fiRE’. ‘5 PaoPLe, 3’0 {PI,FA,PBg 55 A GROUP OF M 6‘; Au# Peflfiou) ANO LLT G‘ (aw-5‘57 LtT P; 9:: A PEASoN NoT .N 6‘) so muse, AND L17 6.1 (ombtéT OF P; AND T—th‘; vs A 1330.540»: 93 WHO 15 NDT tn 6. 0R 6;“ J 3 PeoPLe. um; 00 NOT “2qu eACH Orwqe “Mm, _,, W’Wm _ MA'VH \45 AN‘SvugRé ._ ‘TebT ~35 Revuzw PKoBLcMS 6) 5mg; (I Kuowa eq;.\~lcu¢) \ Kucus : 4~O No CNQ. e.\_$c. \- .— 5I~L£ a KNovJD eat-Home exCePT L, i KNQNS :1- AN0 8 ANO No cue, 24.32,, .—.J 5tMDLAAL‘IJ 1 KNcul'é euek‘lowe, ekCePY _\_ sum J. , 6 Knmwé aqua-lone. EXCQPT _L’ i) A~a f ) AN” 2. “"‘°“‘3 't‘m-RY‘JNE- ex<ePT _L ‘4' _ ‘I 'Tu¢ag:er_ usma 5.6} AA: TM. FR‘eNN C“: ”we" ‘0' a) H: M‘o'l) G HA6 1 \lek‘fiCes 30 .r 1,-9A5 AT MosT l eoec)‘ 54 Tnc. “553““0M HoLoa Fofi “7:| I 4.) 1455“,”: THAT «rem 1TAT¢M¢NT as T’Rme con mi two LL? 6 3‘: A GRAVH ”WT... 3‘00“) VeRT‘ces THAT ouesN’T CoNTmN A» TR.ANG—Le. [*3 A fiu363A?r§‘ LL? €=uq 3,: AN eoec 0F G ) 4N0 LtT G’ 5c T'Hc GahPH OQTAnNeD FROM 6- B~l DeLLTuuG u AND V, THU» 6’ HA5 4m \IQQTIC&$ ”WV“ Dos-5'4“" CONTPHN .1 A TIMANGLC) so 6’ HA5 AT MofiT M anew @‘l TH; maud‘mw H‘IPnggms) IF 2 ~5 mm! ueATgx m“- 6’ J H" CANNQT 8: haiACuAT To BoTH U Muo V (SsNCQ 6 Does N91 CoNTA.N A' TRMNGLC.))' 30 THCRL '5 “T M°°T ow; 606; *N G 1—H,“— .1, NoT m G’ FoR QACH vufl‘cx z- .N 6’, " l n1¢RcFaag G H—Aé AT Mus‘r m‘»: (am 44) : (m+\) 9.06:5, 50 1-H; sTATcm¢~T s9 TAuc FOR Ina—L ,N aoayfio.» To e, “‘50.; (an 1,914+, CH. ID.) 91 .NOuLT’mM ON (\2 0111.5 m TA»: FoR, n:3l DNCL PC; (k. ): K(fi—))(v<,—.z) “No (K—||5~ (hd) = 0‘") (“*‘1'1—‘3 : (Vs—U [Kl—1K1 = K (K-I)(\<—-Z)’ N M Mme WT PC“ (a) = («MN (-‘Ws—d m some n 3. “m Pc“. 0%) = PCCa».)—CCK) ‘ Pkwh 0‘) = PT“. (K) «— PCn CH] ‘: K 0w)" — [CK—WK (Mam-H] : h Md)“ , (K-Un t (~‘)M'(H-\) H Wu)" kw) « (-|)“*‘L~«-|J ...
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