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ECE368 Mid-Term Exam 1 Sample Exam This is a closed book exam. Calculators are not needed nor are they allowed. Since time al- lotted for this exam is exactly 60 minutes, you should work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Note the allocation of points and do not spend too much time on any problem. Always show as much of your work as practical - partial credit is largely a function of the clar- ity and quality of the work shown. An answer without justification would not receive full credit. Be concise. It is fine to use the blank page opposite each question for your work. This exam consists of 11 pages (including this cover sheet and a grading summary sheet at the end). Please check to make sure that all of these pages are present before you begin. Credit will not be awarded for pages that are missing. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a complete copy of the exam. IMPORTANT: Write your user (login) ID at the TOP of EACH page. Also, be sure to read and sign the Academic Honesty Statement that follows: “In signing this statement, I hereby certify that the work on this exam is my own and that I have not copied the work of any other student while completing it. I understand that, if I fail to honor this agreement, I will receive a score of ZERO for this exam and will be subject to possible disciplinary action.” Printed Name: login: Signature: DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO ... 1
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