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Mendelian genetics
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Mendel performed the first quantitative studies of inheritance. Born 1822 as Johann Mendel. Peasant parents Initially educated in monastery (1843). Brünn, Austria (now Brno, Czech Republic) Attended University of Vienna (1851-53). Studied botany and physics. Failed exam for teaching certificate. Returned to Monastery (1854) Performed plant hybridization experiments (published in 1865). Became Abbott of the monastery. Died in 1884 of a kidney disorder.
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Cup “shell” game Cups come in pairs. What you see is determined by the outermost of two cups covering the inner one. Cups are picked randomly from each other in the box.
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Now you know - Mendel’s First Three Postulates - the basis for all of transmission genetics: how gene are transmitted from parents to offspring 1. Unit factors in pairs 2. Dominance/recessiveness 3. Segregation
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