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Jazz Aesthetic - Nov. 2nd[1]

Jazz Aesthetic - Nov. 2nd[1] - What is a “Jazz...

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“Sista Docta” and Jazz Aesthetic Dr. Joni Jones/Omi Osun Olomo - Actress, Director, Playwright, Dramaturg, Writer - Professor in Performance as Public Practice Program at UT - Co-director of the Center for African and African American Studies (CAAAS) on UT campus (Located in the Jester Center) - PhD from New York University - Fulbright Scholar - Taught at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife-Ife, Nigeria - Studied the ritual and spiritual performance of the Yoruba tribe - Adopted the spiritual name “Omi Osun Olomo” while in Nigeria; goes by both - Current work is focused on what is called the “jazz aesthetic” What is the “Jazz Aesthetic?” - Jazz: *Wynton Marsalis: “Music that swings” * Pat Metheny: “Not the music of Kenny G.” * Webster: characterized by: Syncopated rhythms Ensemble and solo playing Improvisation Distortions of pitch and timbre - Aesthetic: *Any activity concerned with art, beauty, and taste.
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Unformatted text preview: What is a “Jazz Aesthetic?”- Emerged from the idea that Black theatre could not be contained in realism- Black artists needed a form that was: Non-linear Cross-genre Ritually driven- New art form contained: Unapologetic emphasis on the subjective experience of one character Memory-laden sense of time and space Keen attention to the visual/physical/imagistic aspects of their work Polyrhythmic, musically-driven language History of a “Jazz Aesthetic”- Formed in the 1970s alongside the Black Arts Movement- Legendary Performers: Laurie Carlos, Ntozake Shange, Dianne McIntyre * Apprentices: Daniel Alexander Jones, Sharon Bridgforth, Erik Ehn More on a “Jazz Aesthetic”- Fuses music, movement, and spoken word- Women-initiated- Sets no limits on Blackness- Gestural language- West African aesthetics- Fills the space of the stage as well as the space of the air- Fluidity of time and space...
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Jazz Aesthetic - Nov. 2nd[1] - What is a “Jazz...

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