TheatreNotes11-12-07 - Augusto Boal (1931- ) Theatre...

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Augusto Boal (1931- ) Theatre director and theorist Born and raised in Brazil His theatre techniques and their attention to power inspired by Brazil’s 20 th century history—especially 1960s and 1970s.(arrested and put in prison and tortured, a very particular context.) Forced into exile in 1971, returned to Brazil in 1986 Most famous for Theatre of the Oppressed(1971) Games for Actors and Non-Actors spells out his ideas more clearly. Theatre of the Oppressed “Arsenal” of a variety of theatre techniques Founded on the belief that marginalized and exploited classes desire CHANGE Aims to explore those desires and rehearse ways of action on them, to use theatre as a ‘rehearsal for revolution” o Hamlet and the Baker’s…My life in Theatre and Politics Augusto Boal Some major influences on Boal Bertolt Brecht: No Catharsis (purging of emotions)! Critical Spectators. Paulo Freire, education philosopher: cared deeply about literacy(language is currency)
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TheatreNotes11-12-07 - Augusto Boal (1931- ) Theatre...

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