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1 Do not open this booklet until you receive permission from the instructor! Econ 200B Midterm 1 Version B 02/07/2017 Name: TA/Section/Start Time: Seat #: 105 points total. 80 minutes maximum. Reminder: No graphing calculators or smart phones allowed! Please write legibly and show your work on every problem. Use two decimal places of precision when necessary. DO NOT BEGIN UNTIL WE SAY YOU MAY. While you are waiting, please read the following statement from the Department of Economics: Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the Department’s rules for student conduct and evaluation of student learning. Students accused of academic misconduct will be referred directly to the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct for disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Conduct Code and, if found guilty, will be subject to sanctions. Sanctions range from a disciplinary warning, to academic probation, to immediate dismissal for the Department and the University, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct. Dismissal can be, and has been, applied even for first offenses. Moreover, a grade of zero can be assigned by the instructor for the course.
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