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Theatrical Labor[1] - Theatrical Labor Playwright...

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Theatrical Labor Playwright: Wright=builder, so playwright=builder of plays “Wright” foregrounds process of creation Rather than isolated lightning strikes of genius Solo (playwright) or in collaboration (devising) They usually build actual written scripts Where to start? - Imagination, personal experience, story- real or imagined, books, current events, philosophical or political point, desire for change Research : keen observance of current events, reading other plays, learning about a historical period, reading similar stories, observation of real people/human behavior; read philosophical documents. CREATIVE! Writing: Alone? W/groups? In Class? Workshops and staged readings, experimenting with mapping text on bodies and voices Work w/dramaturg (Possibly) letting it go: through agents, other productions; sometimes it is hard for a playwright to retain creative control Directors can be one person, can be a group, can be performers and other collaborators directing
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Theatrical Labor[1] - Theatrical Labor Playwright...

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