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Stratification-test3 - Stratification-structured systems of...

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Stratification -structured systems of inequality -unequal distribution of good things in life -present in all known human societies -Dimensions of stratification vary: -degree of inequality present varies dramatically (sometimes intense/minimal) -world’s (post) industrial nations = degree of inequality = US most inequality -degree of mobility (upward or downward) -measure it in “white men”? -father to son = intergenerational mobility = movement up or down a social stratification hierarchy from one generation to another -where is your origin? Where did you go? 7/11 where did you end up? 1 st job as opposed to others = intragenerational mobility = movement up or down a social stratification hierarchy within the course of a personal career -general rule: greater degree of inequality, more difficult it is for upward mobility -Basic dimensions of stratification: 1) Power = ability to impose one’s wills on others, even against their resistance 2 types: 1) Illegitimate power: Holocaust -haven’t given them the right to do it, but they impose their will upon you (ex: country invaded) 2) Legitimate power: call it “authority” -3 basic types of authority: 1) Traditional – listen to mother do what they tell you because people always have respected their parents given them authority because of tradition 2) Charismatic – give someone authority (legitimate power) (right to exercise power over you) because of something about individual and his personality they move you (example: MLK/Hitler/Gandhi) 3) Legal/Rational (most common kind) – do what person tells you to do not because of traditional/personality, but because of status they occupy -can be a combination 2) Prestige/Status – status = position you occupy (for most sociologists) attach various degrees of prestige to this degree of respect attached to each status Status position prestige=attached falls onto person occupying position 3) Material resources – land, money, bonds, stocks, etc. = “Property” -How do these influence each other? They tend to cluster together (people with a lot of money have lots of prestige and tend to have a lot of power)
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But sometimes they do not cluster (ex: cult leaders/teachers/ministers have a lot of respect but not a lot of money) These dimensions: 1) these components together influence our LIFE CHANCES =signifies a
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Stratification-test3 - Stratification-structured systems of...

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