Race and Ethnicity-test3

Race and Ethnicity-test3 - Race and Ethnicity -why is it...

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Race and Ethnicity -why is it important for a globalizing eco/world? -no longer bounded groups Some of things globalization causing in regards to Racial/Ethnic Diversity: 1) as people migrate and emigrate, we find a degree of diversity increasing 2) starting to see a defensive reaction separation tighten borders, etc = ETHNIC CLEANSING vast number of fights/wars not because of nation states but because of EC (ex: iraq and ethnic lines) -EC: the creation of ethnically homogeneous territories through the mass expulsion of other ethnic populations Ethnic Groups -3 characteristics: 1) members of group share a common cultural heritage that sets them apart from other people = OBJECTIVE 2)” “ identify with that common cultural heritage as well with the people who share = SUBJECTIVE 3) insofar as members of an ethnic group preferentially marry and mate with other members of group, the group will then share certain physical likenesses (diminish as diff groups come in) endogamy = the forbidding of marriage and sexual relations outside of one’s social group, exogamy = marry outside race Racial Group v. Ethnic Group -RG = all same characteristics including subjective identification with group 1) some attribute of group typically but not always is singled out and stigmatized (skin color for example) now we may see people single out cultural characteristics and see them stigmatize with that 2) that stigmatization (of attribute) becomes basis for ranking the various groups ”white skin makes us better” -attribute physical or cultural
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Race and Ethnicity-test3 - Race and Ethnicity -why is it...

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