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Kayla Peterson 1 st pd Mansour May 5, 2008 Loneliness and alienation are two feelings that can drive a person crazy. Everyone experiences alienation at some point in their lives. For Gregor Samsa, alienation quickly became a familiar feeling as his mother and father pretended to forget him after his metamorphasis. As soon as Gregor's mother had seen his metamorphasis, she began to act differently. For example, before the metamophasis of her beloved son, Gregor's mother adored him. After she realized her son was now a bug, and could no longer persue any kind of normal life style, she tried her best to avoid him. Even while she and Gregor's sister moved funiture in Gregor's room to better suit his new condition, Gregor had to stay tucked away. He remained out of her sight, for the sake of preserving her gentle heart. Although Gregor's mother still cared for her son, the thought of a bug for a son was simply
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Unformatted text preview: too much for her. Gregor's father aliented him in one of the most cold hearted manners. Instead of admiring his son like he always had, Gregor's father gave him the cold shoulder. He ignored Gregor, and the idea of him now having six legs and a shell. On the nights Gregor snuck out from him room late at night, he would have to hide under the sofa from his father everytime he came into the room. He cramped his large body uncomfortably under the sofa for fear that his father might try to exterminate him. His father now lived by a don't ask, don't tell policy, and Gregor was dead to him. It seems that people can get used to anything after too long. For some, change takes a while to set in. For others, accepting change comes very easily and is just another part of life. For Gregor Samsa, alienation became easy to accept, and even became a staple in his everyday routine....
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