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English 101-55 Kayla Peterson Narrative Essay No one enjoys the company of a younger sibling, especially one that is six years younger and idolizes everything you do. This was me. At six years old, my parents brought home a bouncing baby boy, who was much cuter than I had ever been. This new baby was now the center of attention, that I once had been. Only weeks after Jake's arrival, my six year old jealousy got the best of me, and I begged my parents to take him back to the hospital. At such a young age, I never imagined I would actually appreciate him one day. As my brother and I grew, he seemed to only get more annoying. Instead of being flattered by the way he wanted to be everywhere I was, I complained that he ruined my sleep overs. While family members graveled at how smart he was for only being two, I boasted that he couldn't even tie his shoes like me. I felt my world shatter the day he figured out how to open doors. I was no longer safe from this brother I despised. A few more years passed and I was sixteen, while Jake was ten.
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jake and the lilly - 1 English 101-55 Kayla Peterson...

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