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ATM 10 Severe and Unusual Weather Lectures Spring 2009 Ruth A. Reck, Ph.D. Professor, Land, Air and Water Resources Lecture 1 30 March The earth and its atmosphere 2 1 April Air temperature 3 6April Atmospheric moisture 4 8 April Stability and cloud development 5 13 April Condensation: Dew, clouds and fog 6 15 April Precipitation 7 20 April Wind: Small-scale and Local Systems 8 22 April The atmosphere in motion: Air pressure, forces, and wind 9 27 April The atmosphere in motion: Seasonality, air pressure, forces, winds and cloud formation
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Unformatted text preview: 10 29 April Midquarter Examination 11 4 May Specific global systems and the role of the oceans 12 6 May Air masses and fronts 13 11 May Mid-latitude cyclones 14 13 May Thunderstorms, lightning/thunder, floods and sand storms 15 18 May Tornadoes and tornado-breeding supercell storms 16 20 May Storm videos 17 27 May Hurricanes 18 1 June Katrina video 19 3June Global climate change Final Examination, Thursday, 11 June 10:30 a.m. Veihmeyer Hall 212...
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