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Classics 40 Final Sample Questions

Classics 40 Final Sample Questions - Sample questions for...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample questions for the Final Exam 1 ln Argonautika the crew of the Argo 1ni tially chooses which hero to lead the expedition? (A) Hyl as (B) Heracle (C) Jason (D) Argos (E) Orpheus 2. lnA Dream ofPasstorz, Maya says she is like Medea because she: (A) is like a foreigner wherever she goes (B) cheats on her husband (C) practices magic (D) hurts people deliberately (E) has no use for Brenda 31 Which is NOT common to Dionysus and Pentheus? (A) they are cousins (B) they are new to power (C) they are obsessed with wine (D) they seek recognition (E) none of the above is common to both 4. “...he looks not like a mortal titan/but like a god who has his home on Obtmpus/But come.i Let us leave him upon the black mainland/"tit once! Do not lay hands on him lest he be angered/and raise violent winds and a great storm. This quote is an example of: (A) reciprocity (B) recognition (C) ritual (D) hybris (E) dramatic irony 5. For ancient Greek women, marriage involved: ( A) leaving the gua1dianship of her father (B) payment of a dowry (C) being under the guardianship or her husband (D) few opportunities for divorce (E) all of the above 6. The name “Pandora” means: (A) all gifts (B) a l evils (C) all powerful (D) all gods (E) none of the above 7. in Argonautz'ka, Jason: (A) depends on the help of his companions (B) is diplomatic (C) depends on the help of a woman (D) is often discouraged (E) all of the above 8. The heroes Jason, Theseus; and Oedipus share the common theme of; ( A) embarking on a quest to find where they belong (B) patricide (C) abandoning women (D) killing their children ...
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