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OrphicCosmogony - The ORPHIC COSMOGONY Chronos(Time mm Law...

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Unformatted text preview: The ORPHIC COSMOGONY Chronos (Time) mm Law, § ”‘3 i”— T “WT Chaos Erebus Aither + Chronos i E% I Protogontis (Phanes) 1/ Night : Protogonos rmJ—g Ouranos = Gaia WWMWflimmm rm“ T 1:“? Titans Kronos I Rheia i Zeus [Zeus swallows Protogonos and other beings, brings forth universe anew] Zeus I Persephone Zagreus (Dionysos) [Zagreus is eaten by the Titans, his heart eaten by Zeus] Zeus = Semele Dionysus ...
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