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Classics 40 Greek Mythology Take-Home Essay Answer ONE of the following questions in FOUR to FIVE PAGES, and bring it with you to the Final Exam, THURSDAY, MARCH 20th at 9 am. •This essay does not require library research. It requires that you think and write carefully about the material and themes of the course. •The take-home format gives you the opportunity to write a CLEAR, COHERENT and CONCISE essay on the topic you choose. Use an outline to organize your argument. Use examples to prove your point. And revise the essay to make it clear and effective. --To be CLEAR, your essay should have a thesis (argument, claim, interpretation) that you want to convince your reader of; it should state the thesis simply; and it should focus upon proving or demonstrating this thesis. --To be PERSUASIVE, your essay should make effective use of evidence (from our readings) to support or demonstrate your thesis. --To be THOUGHTFUL, your essay should consider all the evidence (all we have read
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