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1 Computer Science 50 Programming Project z Pre-requisites: CS 10 and CS 20 z Designed for CS pre-majors z Basic theme: programming “in the large” – Includes working within a group – Focus is on object-oriented analysis (OOA) and object-oriented design (OOD) – Practice to implement/test large(r) systems Individual part and group part z Part 1 – learn about programming projects – Includes lectures, reading, homework, exam z Development Processes z Requirements Analysis z Domain Analysis z System Design z Implementation and Testing z Part 2 – participate in a programming project – Complete 6 assignments as a group effort About the group projects z Group sizes : 3 or 4 people – no exceptions – Note: we will facilitate group formation this quarter z Project topic : your choice, subject to approval z Required complexity : – 20-25 key concepts in the problem domain z Note: concepts are classes and interfaces in Java – Interesting relationships between the concepts – Lines of code will not be counted z
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Unformatted text preview: But should expect at least 5,000 lines of well-written code Requirements z Group project assignments – 50 percent of grade – Posted on Project page; announced on Announcements page – first assignment is already posted z Meeting attendance/participation – 10 percent of grade – Formal meetings with each whole group once per week (at least) z Homework assignments – 15 percent of grade – Handed out in lectures – must be own, personal work z Exam – 25 percent of grade – Note: see required readings on the Syllabus page z Students must monitor the course’s web pages – see http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~mikec/cs50 z Questions? Do this week z Read chapters 1-4 and 40 – In general, read ahead of the lectures – Future weeks: see syllabus for chapters to read z Submit CS 50 student survey – Sooner the better, but n.l.t. Thursday, 5:00pm z Attend lectures and discussion section – Formal group meetings all future weeks...
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