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Management 126 - Financial Statement Analysis Winter, 2009 Professor Bruce Miller Office: Anderson School D 417 Telephone: 310-825-1814 E-mail: bruce.miller@anderson.ucla.edu Office Hours: 1:00 to 2:00 Monday, 1:00 to 2:00 Thursday and by appointment. Course Description: This course will prepare you to interpret and analyze financial statements and perform a discounted cash flow analysis. The course is designed for students considering careers in security analysis, investment banking, consulting and corporate finance. It should also be valuable for students going into auditing. The auditor is responsible for checking if a firm is a going concern. Also the firm being audited (the client), if publicly traded, is very concerned about its stock price and the rating of its bonds. The first part of the course is entitled Analyzing the Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows and the Income Statement. The second part of the course is entitled Return on Equity, Leverage and Credit Risk Analysis. The third part of the course is entitled Equity Valuation. It includes both discounted cash flow, residual income valuation, and relative valuation. Textbook: Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis. By Stickney, Brown and Wahlen, 6th Edition, 2007. Course Reader The course reader contains the required cases, articles, and solutions to the recommended problems. Homework and Cases The required homework will consist of two assignments, the first before the midterm and the second before the final. These homework assignments will be handed out later. The recommended homework problems will not be collected. Solutions to the recommended problems are provided in the course reader. Financial statement analysis is a “learning by doing’’ course and it is important that you understand the recommended problems by examination time. The required homework and individual assignments are to be turned in individually. The
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09126_syllabuswinterC - Course Outline Management 126 -...

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