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University of New Brunswick F ACULTY OF B USINESS A DMINISTRATION Academic Year: 2015- 2016 COURSE OUTLINE ADM1113 (FR02A) ADMINISTRATION Instructor: Assad David Term: Fall 2015 Office: Singer Hall 272 Day(s): Monday & Wednesday Phone: (506) 458-7340 Time: 2:30 - 3:50pm E-mail: [email protected] Classroom: Tilley 304 Office Hours: By appointment A. COURSE DESCRIPTION ADM 1113 is normally one of the first two Business Administration courses that BBA students take in the first (or second) term of the first year of the BBA program. The course presents an overview of the process of administration for profit and non-profit organizations by giving a general introduction to the functional areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing as well as the economic, international, and legal/ethical environments in which Canadian business operates. Pre-Requisite(s): No specific courses, but to be eligible to take the course students must be enrolled in the BBA program, one of the Business Certificate programs, or another program that specifically requires ADM 1113. If you are in another Faculty and wish to take an introduction to business course as an elective, then you must take ADM 1015 Introduction to Business . B. COURSE OBJECTIVES ADM 1113 will give you a general introduction to the areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing so that you will be ready to tackle the specific courses in these functional areas that will be offered in the second year of the business administration program. More importantly, perhaps, this course is designed to sensitize you to the real world of business - what is happening out there on a daily basis. All of you taking this course are enrolled in a business related degree or certificate program. Therefore, by definition, you must have a keen interest in business. We don't expect that all students taking this course will be interested in each of the functional areas of business (i.e., accounting, finance, marketing, etc.), but we do assume a keen interest in business in general. How do we sensitize you to business? Well, some of you may already be there. You may already read (on- line or paper format) the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business or the National Post’s financial sections on a regular basis or you may listen to the business news on-line, on radio, on television, or on podcasts through some mobile device. Many of you may also be on Twitter and receive tweets from your favourite business sources or visit various Facebook sites that most businesses now maintain.
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