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ucr conduct

ucr conduct - Brandon Mellander Mr.Witbeck Ucr student...

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Brandon Mellander Mr.Witbeck Ucr student conduct policies 1. Students are not allowed to convey threats to others in any form: written, verbal, and physical. Also, students are not allowed to cause any damage to others or their property 2. Alcohol is not permitted in any way shape or form on campus. No matter where the alcohol is or what it is in it is not allowed anywhere on campus, as is alcohol paraphernalia 3. Poor behavior while intoxicated is in no way inexcusable and you will be held responsible for all actions while intoxicated while on campus. 4. Students are required to have a clean way of life. Students are required to make sure they are practicing good hygiene and students are not to violate health codes. 5. Any student who has knowledge of a crime being committed is required by law and UCR policies to reveal this knowledge or do something to discourage the act. Failure to do so may result in violations against that student 6. If you are in possession of, using, distributing, or manufacturing illegal substances, you are putting yourself in a poor position and risk being caught and penalized. 7. Poor behavior such as lewd, indecent, obscene conduct is liable to be penalized. Also, aggressive and loud behavior that disrupts the peace is not permitted. Plus if a student intentionally interferes with another person’s ability to do what is in their rights is also prohibited.
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8. When a fire alarm sounds, or students are directed to leave, the students must leave to the closest designated assembly area, and wait for further instruction by a UCR official. Students who fail to do this are subject to criminal prosecution because this is
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ucr conduct - Brandon Mellander Mr.Witbeck Ucr student...

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