11 - COMM 203 2/11/09 Content Analysis Steps o Define...

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COMM 203 2/11/09 Content Analysis Steps o Define Phenomenon o Define Unit of Analysis o Develop Measures A variable that can be specifically quantified Sex, Age, SES, “Amount of Blood” If character doesn’t fit category, define as other/unknown Should be relatively low number Capture totality of dimension you want to assess Total range of demographic characteristics of a character Most studies have multiple measure 10-15 or more Laid out/defined in Coding Scheme o Craft Coding Scheme Defines phenomenon, units of analysis, measures Measures defined and explicated in coding scheme Specific detailed operations of what someone does as they are watching,  listening to content Tell person what does what  If latent variables are present, should be described Some of most meaningful and valid messages, but difficult to  achieve reliability “Rules” of how to conduct study
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o Reliability Removing element of chance and likelihood two people would agree  randomly 80% minimum of agreement amongst people
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11 - COMM 203 2/11/09 Content Analysis Steps o Define...

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