Midterm Review Sheet

Midterm Review Sheet - Natural Law Theory H.L.A Hart Riggs...

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Standing Before, With and Against the Law Positive Law Theory Ronald Dworkin Common Law System Congressional Override Original Jurisdiction 3 Grounds for Federal Jurisdiction Doctrine of Comity Trial Courts Habeas Corpus Grand Juries Reversible Error v. Harmless Error Structural Error Due Process Model State Attorney General City Attorney 4 th Amendment Terry v. Ohio Miranda v. Arizona Plea Bargains (concerns and resolutions) Comments from the Panelists Tort Litigation Explosion (perspective & resolution)
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Why Parties Settle While Others Don’t Typology of Legal Systems Compare: A.L. v. B.L. One Shotters v. Repeat Players Dynamic Court View
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Unformatted text preview: Natural Law Theory H.L.A. Hart Riggs v. Palmer Stare Decisis Civil Law System Routes of Appeal Appellate Jurisdiction Information v. Indictment Marbury v. Madison Burdens of Proof Petit Juries Bench Trial Constitutional Error Crime Control Model US Attorney General District Attorney Tragedy of the Commons Preliminary Hearing Exclusionary Rule (& F.P.T.) Grand Jury Influences on Am. Courts Types of Discovery Pre and Post-trial Motions Evolution of Tort (19 th and 20 th Century) Typology of Legislative Strategies United States v. Nixon N.Y. Times v. Sullivan Constrained Court View...
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Midterm Review Sheet - Natural Law Theory H.L.A Hart Riggs...

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