POSC 220g Final Exam Review Sheet

POSC 220g Final Exam Review Sheet - Political Science 220g...

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Political Science 220g Fall 2008 Final Exam Review Sheet General Guideline: Our final exam will take place on December 12, 2008 from 2pm to 4pm. You will have two hours to answer 6 IDs and two long essays. Please make sure to come on time. Extra time will not be given for those who show up late to the final Blue books will be provided. Please bring couple pens. Make sure you have read all your reading materials. Refer to the syllabus for the readings. In addition to our textbooks, external link reading is also required (please refer to the main lecture blackboard website for the external link readings). Keep in mind that this is an environmental policy course, specifically examining climate change. All IDs and essay questions are related to climate change, thus all your answers should also be related to the themes of this class. While other courses and fields might use the same concepts and terms, the significance of these concepts and terms are different. Therefore, when writing the significance of the concepts and terms, please relate it to our course. Part one: You will be asked to choose six IDs from a list (possibly 10 to 15). For each ID, there are two parts that you must answer: o Definition: You need to describe precisely what it is. Most of the IDs require more than one or two sentences to fully define the term. o Significance: Explaining the significance of the term does not mean re-defining what the term means. In studying for the significance of each term, ask yourself some of the following questions: Why is this term important? How is it related to the bigger themes of this class? Is it an institution? What is its role or function? What consequences it has for policy or for outcomes? o Keep in mind that all terms are related to the bigger themes of this class (i.e. climate change, environmental policy and institutions, etc.) Other fields might use the same concepts but for the purpose of this class and exam, you need to relate it to the issues and themes discussed in our course. Part Two (choose two of three questions, forty-five minutes each): You will need to prepare at least three essay questions (it is advised that you prepare all four essays) from the list. You must incorporate readings, class lectures, and the negotiations for the different challenges (keep in mind that in addition to the textbooks for this class, you should also be familiar with the materials on blackboard,(i.e. external links), power point presentations, and handouts that were given out during lectures. Read the questions carefully and answer all parts of the question. If it helps to
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POSC 220g Final Exam Review Sheet - Political Science 220g...

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