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ANTH 200Lg 3-2-09

ANTH 200Lg 3-2-09 - Contest monopoly One group can control...

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ANTH 200Lg 22/04/2009 05:34:00 3/2/09 Resources Strategies for coping with resource seasonality o Eat secondary foods (fallback foods) o Expand range o Increase feeding time  o Change activity level (torpor) o Store resources in previous season “Thrifty genotype” – Native Americans Gain weight easily Ranging patterns: competition o Intragroup vs. intergroup  o Contest vs. scramble competition Scramble: “free for all” No one group can monopolize resources at hand
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Unformatted text preview: Contest: monopoly One group can control the resources • Ranging patterns: resource territoriality o Emperor tamarin vs. saddle-back tamarin Calls and scent markings o Why be territorial? Resource defense Mate defense • Ranging patterns: group size o Squirrel monkey ← Ecological services: seed dispersal • OWM: Red-capped mangabey o Stuffs cheek pouches with fruit Spits out seeds...
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