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Log #1 - Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 Tyffany...

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Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 Tyffany Dowd and Jessica Hudson January 20, 2009 Response Log #1 In order to complete the “Questions and Listening” exercise, I asked a good friend from high school, who happens to also attend USC, if I could come over and have a conversation with her roommate, who I have met on several occasions but I still did not know very well. After exchanging greetings, I decided it would be best to just jump into our conversation of open- ended questions, so as not to make our conversation unnecessarily uncomfortable. While “planning” for the conversation, I was very concerned that only communicating in this way would prove to be very awkward, and the stark difference between open-ended and “normal” conversation would be quite noticeable to the person if they had the opportunity to hear both communication styles immediately. I began the conversation by asking about the roommate’s winter break, a topic that everyone is ready and willing to talk about upon returning to school for the first week. I chose to begin with this topic in order to learn more about the girl and to get the conversation started with a very recent topic. Additionally, I had thought about and prepared some open-ended questions related to break activities in case I ran out of questions or found it challenging to think of something else to ask her. The first series of pre-determined questions about winter break elicited fairly bland and superficial responses, mainly discussing activities and weather that the roommate had experience while home in New York. I realized that if I wanted to keep the
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conversation going for at least ten minutes, I would need to ditch any of the pre-planned questions I had thought of and be willing to respond to the things the roommate said. While the thought of going off-script certainly was
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