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Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 Tyffany Dowd and Jessica Hudson February 3, 2009 Response Log #2 Throughout the retreat, many opportunities were given to conceptualize unique aspects of my personal identity. Certain activities were more beneficial to this personal realization and growth than others, as I relate to every diversity issue discuss in a different way. The activity I found most beneficial in quantifying my identity was the Lifeline exercise. Having to spend time truly reflecting on the moments in my life that have had the greatest impact on the formation of my identity proved to be insightful and enlightening. I had never taken the opportunity in the past to reflect upon how events in my life shaped who I am today, and furthermore, which of these events were the most important to me. Additionally, many of the activities at the retreat forced me to take a step outside of my comfort zone and truly attempt to empathize with others who had powerful personal stories to share. On campus, I rarely take the opportunity to have meaningful discussions
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of past struggles and tribulations with others. In forming a more complete understanding of my peers, I feel that I was able to create a more definitive image of who I am now and who I want to become in the near future. The manner in which personal growth occurred over the retreat greatly differed from how I realize and form identity on campus and throughout my life. When placed in a foreign setting with relative strangers, there was no downside to opening up and attempting to quickly make meaningful relationship. In my day-to-day life, I am typically more cautious and slowly reveal my personality and identity to those around me, likely due to a personal fear of rejection. However, the retreat environment was so open
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Log #2 - Alex Steging Educational Counseling 030 Tyffany...

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